IncNet Business Data

Reach over 208,000 job functions across the top 37,000 largest corporations in Australia and New Zealand

IncNet covers the top 37,000 businesses and 208,998 contacts within them, giving The Incnet Business Database its point of difference. The companies on IncNet’s database are generally organisations that have more than 20 employees or have a turnover of more than $5 million. With the ability to segment the list further by state, employee size, revenue, public and private sector to name a few, your job of finding the big guys is made easy.

Number of Records 208,998
Medium CPM Data Guarantee
Mail $ 425.00 100% RTS Rebate
Email $ 620.00 100% Bounce Back Rebate
Telephone $ 425.00 100% Non-Connect Rebate
Fax $ 425.00 100% Non-Connect Rebate
Setup Fee $ 325.00
List number 349

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