Digital Survey Responders

An opt in privacy compliant database of respondents to various lifestyle surveys completed on-line. This database is rich in variables and the consumers have been recruited through direct response methods so they are keen to receive great offers

The ability to profile your existing customers against this list to find the most suitable targets to market to makes this a valuable and unique survey list. Showing a skew towards more affluent families of a working age, this database also allows you to target using a range of lifestyle interests, attitudes toward charity and affluence indicators. This active database recruits or re-validates 150,000 members every month keeping the data fresh and alive. Selections include, age, gender, home-ownership, household income and lifestyle segments. True multi-channel campaigns are available through mail, telemarketing, SMS and email broadcast.

Number of Records 2,000,000
Medium CPM Data Guarantee
Mail $ 350.00 95%
Email $ 350.00
Telephone $ 350.00 95%
Setup Fee $ 250.00
List number 622

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