Dental Registry

This is a compiled list of Dentists, sourced nationally from government and association registers.

When looking for AB Socio-Economic Groups and/or Professionals, then Dentists are a good place to start. Here are Health Professionals that know the value of a dollar and are keen to see offers that save them time and money. Their income allows them to get involved in all sorts of activities - think holidays and investments and hobbies. Dentists depend on their mail for dental journals and product updates, which offers you the same opportunity to sell your products and services. Research shows that direct mail campaigns to dentists have a higher average response rate than most other consumer segments.

Number of Records 11,642
Medium CPM Data Guarantee
Mail $ 280.00 95% RTS Rebate
Telephone $ 280.00 90% non-connect rebate
Fax $ 280.00 90% non-connect rebate
Setup Fee $ 300.00
List number 412

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