Australian Builders and Fitout Specialists

List of all medium to large building firms throughout Australia with a senior decision maker contact

Directory of Australian Builders database lists medium and large building firms throughout Australia, each entry personalised with Senior Decision Maker. Around 2,800 firms. (residential builders must build 5+homes in metro per year to qualify for listing). Spam Act compliant emails (around 80%). Each entry lists all contact details plus dollar value range (most), new projects per year (most) and homes, units or commercial. Updated annually by phoning every firm. Now in 6th edition. Excel format.

Number of Records 2,777
Medium CPM Data Guarantee
Mail $ 300.00 95% RTS Rebate
Telephone $ 350.00 Advised on enquiry
Fax $ 300.00 Advised on enquiry
Setup Fee $ 250.00
List number 116

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