Architects Database

A fully personalised database from members of the State and Federal registers of Architects.

When looking for AB Socio-Economic Groups and/or Professionals, then Architects are a good place to start. They are driven by design, like to look at the new and respond well to products that save them time and money. From a consumer perspective, Architects sit in the top 10% of income earners in Australia, as such premium, status driven products work well. From a business perspective, they are hungry to learn of new developments and products within the building and construction sector. This database is made up of fully personalised data from members of State and Federal registers of Architects. The data is personalised to the individual architect with 75% preferring to have direct mail sent to their home addresses. A good list for both consumer and business campaigns.

Number of Records 15,238
Medium CPM Data Guarantee
Mail $ 330.00 95% RTS Rebate
Telephone $ 330.00 Advised on enquiry
Fax $ 330.00 Advised on enquiry
Setup Fee $ 300.00
List number 15

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