The List Report: Web Edition

Issue# 669:

The reality and purpose of database segmentation

Any segmentation of your database must be driven by the need for business growth. Let’s keep this singularly focused with a clear view of what needs to happen.

This month I have prepared a document to keep your organisation focused about database segmentation. With all this talk about “Big Data” it easy to be distracted from the main game. Every organisation will have a database of their customers (and if they don’t, they should have). If you have a customer or prospect database, then there are some simple rules to ensure that the segmentation leads to an executable strategy for business growth.

There is no other point to commence a segmentation process. The trick is to ensure that the segmentation gives you the insights that will drive the growth.

To view AML’s simple plan, then click here.

Of course, the growth will come from getting existing customers to buy more and to attract new customers to your organisation. It is the profile of your best customers that will identify the source of your new customers…there is no better way and it is as simple as that!

If you want your business to grow…then ask us how.

Marketing Tip

Keep you Campaign Briefs coming, we are working on some great campaigns at the moment and would love to add our insights and experience to your customer acquisition campaigns.

Abramo Ierardo