The List Report: Web Edition

Issue# 674:

The big bad world of digital marketing

Performance Media can be a match made in heaven when there is a joint approach to a successful outcome to a campaign.

I read an article in AdNews (5th September 2014) where IAB’s CEO, Alice Manners was challenged about the metrics around digital media. While the conversation eventually moved towards creative and nailing what works and what does not, there was some disturbing commentary about the lack of transparency with the metrics used in digital media. The article reinforced a recent example of a client campaign, let me explain…

We undertook a Performance campaign with a major performance network for a client. This particular client struggles to generate quality leads and has used all manner of digital media over the past 5 years in an attempt to find inventory that delivers the leads that he needs, both in quantity and quality. This particular campaign was a cost-per-click campaign. The shake out of two weeks of activity was over 3,000 clicks and 20 leads. Every single “lead” was useless.

Understanding that it is not the media responsibility to generate sales, it is the media’s responsibility to present the creative appropriately. They understood the targeting that was required and they understood the proposition that my client was presenting, their job was to present the client’s offer to the right eyeballs so that the right clicks were achieved and the hopefully the right leads were delivered. My client learnt the hard way that there is a significant difference between good clicks and bad clicks. It is the lack of transparency around where my client’s creative was being exposed that caused the major problem – any level of discussion about the inventory would have produced a much better result for the client and the media.

My learning’s can be summarised as follows:

  1. Ensure that the media clearly understands the target audience that needs to be exposed to the creative
  2. Create a transparent approach and share the results of the campaign
  3. Where ever possible, use real time analytics of the results to make in-campaign adjustments so that the whole campaign is not wasted
  4. Any generated leads need to be followed up quickly, again sharing those results so campaigns can be adjusted in real time
  5. Agree to outcomes and have a partner approach to the campaign’s success

Performance Media is a revelation for digital media. It should take all the angst out of buying media and by its nature it is results focused which is at the very heart of data-driven marketing. Most of my clients love it for this reason. What they don’t like is the lack of transparency as to where their brand is being exposed and the lack of partnership with the media. There are a couple of operators in this space that get this and provide some excellence in this area. When all this comes together, it is a match made in heaven.

Marketing Tip

This month, wanted to share a solid White Paper from Silverpop (make sure you sign up for their newsletter – one of the best digital media resource centers you will find) entitled: “ULTIMATE GUIDE TO ASSESSING YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAM”. One of those documents that you need to snuggle up with and scribble a few notes in the margin.

Always great to present a new database. “Design Conscious Consumers” gives you access to people who value great design for their house renovations.

If you are looking to get into a performance media campaign where you only pay for the results that you are looking for, then call or email us and we will you walk you through it…

Abramo Ierardo