The List Report: Web Edition

Issue# 666:

Permission Based Email Marketing

Email marketing is still very relevant in today’s complex marketing mix. There is however some information that needs to be considered before using this channel.

As the digital and online space continues to evolve so too do the complexities and layers surrounding permission. People start asking these questions more and more: How did they find me? Did I say yes to receiving this? Am I interested in this? It’s because of these questions and the constant changes in the digital environment that marketers must become more accountable for their decisions and actions.

Like other marketing channels which are well established it becomes harder to increase sales, improve results and achieve ROI’s. Through this process it remains our responsibility to be informed and aware of issues that concern our industry and always strive to deliver according to best-practice.

Email Marketing when used correctly can be a very powerful and effective tool in acquiring new customers and keeping in contact with current customers. It can however be detrimental to a company’s brand and reputation, not to mention a sheer waste of time and money, to send unsolicited messages.

From our experience over the last year there is no doubt a high increase in the volume of email list enquiries (particularly B2B which I spoke about in issue 661) and with that comes a variety of perceptions surrounding what constitutes a permission based list.

With this in mind we have developed an Email Marketing Compliance Fact Sheet to help us all weave through the intricacies surrounding the permission basis of electronic messaging. This will help create clear definitions of what is correct email marketing and what is in breach of the SPAM legislation. Our aim in developing this Fact Sheet is to arm you, our clients, with the right information so that you can make an informed decision that works best for your company and your customer/clients.

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Marketing Tip

We are here to answer your questions about this topic. It can be tricky and confusing but we want to quash that so you are able and ready to market!

Abramo Ierardo