The List Report: Web Edition

Issue# 673:

How to Write Email Subject Lines

An email’s Subject Line is the single most powerful and challenging tool in our digital marketing lives. Well-known copywriter Andy Owen’s “How to Guide” on how to write the best Subject Lines, is a must read.

I came into the office this morning, looked at my Inbox and thought, why do I subscribe to all these things and read so few of them? Do you do the same? Is your Inbox as cluttered as mine?

We all have the desire of to stay in touch with what is happening in our industry or profession, yet,as marketers, we have the battle to get enough of people’s attention to get the emails we send opened and clicked. Getting this engagement is getting harder and harder.

An email’s Subject Line is the single most powerful and challenging tool in our digital marketing lives, yet so many of the subject lines that I read fail to compel me to open the email.

Andy Owen’s monthly newsletter is one that I do read. His opinionated, self-righteous and insightful commentary on the art of writing DM copy is a gift every month. So I have decided to use his recommendations for:

“10 top tips on how to write effective subject lines”

You can click here to read his whole newsletter – highly recommended, but here is a summary of his tips:

  1. Always ensure that your subject line describes the subject of your email
  2. Make sure your spelling, grammar and punctuation are spot on
  3. Do not use CAPITAL letters or exclamation marks
  4. Link the message to the “From” field
  5. Don’t be too pushy or over-hype the message
  6. Consider using numbers in your subject line
  7. Consider “How-to” and “Reason-why” subject lines
  8. Embrace curiosity and fascination
  9. Study other subject lines
  10. Test, test and test again

Take the time to read some of his examples and explanations – they are practical and easy to implement into your email marketing program.

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Abramo Ierardo