The List Report: Web Edition

Issue# 665:

Has Big Data helped or hindered your marketing?

The ever increasing need to analyse consumer behavior has removed the bravery from marketing campaigns.

A recent article stirred my mind about what is happening to marketing in this world of analytics, big data, knowing more and online all the time environment. Could it be possible that we have so much information to absorb that we are being stifled in our attempts to get anything done. Have we come so far that we are now being hampered by the analysis, rather than campaign execution. Do customers delight in what we know or have they become so jaded with our increasing efforts to be personal, that they are ignoring us any way they can.

This comment was a solid insight from the article:

“That said, we recognise that there are many different variations of the customer journey, so this is not so much an exercise of identifying the one exact path for all customers, but rather identifying patterns in the channel mix that have the greatest positive effect on sales performance.”

So for all the analytics that we can throw at our marketing efforts, in the end it will still only reveal an insight into a pattern of behaviour. Still we have no way of predicting, with 100% certainty, the actual behaviour of an individual consumer. But the quest to get more and more information, then to analyse it, and to then minimise our risk of failure is probably leading us down a path of mediocrity where we fail in the number one task - “Getting the Consumer’s Attention!”. I have seen too many safe campaigns that do nothing to excite or delight. Then I have seen campaigns that have a simple message, well executed and delivered, and using data that leads to a better customer experience.

You can read the article here.

Simply put, we as marketers, need to focus on the insights/intelligence that the analysis brings and use real consumer behaviour to drive our campaign activity. There is no reason this can’t be on a one-to-one basis. But to get noticed, the effort has to use the insight to drive both offer and creative, to surprise and delight. I know this sounds simple enough, but how often have you received marketing messages that do neither? Chances are that a true surprise and delight is risky. Maybe you are scared of the success, more often we are scared of failure.

Marketing Tip

Let’s get some bravery back into our marketing…I kinda miss it.

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Abramo Ierardo