The List Report: Web Edition

Issue# 672:

Big Data Does Not Mean a Big Relationship

Just because you have the data that allows for the relevant targeting of your offer, this is not permission to bombard messaging to a target audience. Use the insights to build on a relationship that is driven by the customer.

I sometimes like to get a non –marketing point of view to this whole notion of “data-driven marketing building a more relevant messaging platform”. While we can get very excited about the possibilities of the data being able to deliver people that are more likely to buy, what do consumers think of our efforts to target them when they least expect it?

Have you been a victim of targeted digital display advertising when you least expected? Happened to me just over the week end. I looked up the cost of health care for my son, explored a major brand’s site and then made some suggestions based on my research. For the next three days, everywhere I went on the web this brand followed me, offering all sorts of deals. I felt like I was being stalked. Then I was a little annoyed because the deal was better than the one I was on…leaving aside the fact that, they are my health fund already! Where was my loyalty bonus or “surprise and delight” and why were they stalking me?

If they have access to all this data, they know who I am, and they are prepared to spend countless thousands of dollars serving digital ads, then perhaps they could take their next step in “big data”. Perhaps I am too naïve…

But it begs the question and on Page 15 of this month’s white paper “Beyond the Bulls Eye - Building Meaningful Relationships in the Age of Big Data is the quote that best summarises the feelings of today’s savvy consumer:

“If you really want to delight me, here are 3 things you need to do:

  1. Understand that I believe my situation is unique and you should treat it so. (Even if it’s not, no one likes buying a ‘package’.)
  2. Be careful with the upsells and additional products; I don’t know everything about your business, that’s why I have you … so educate me, don’t beat me up.
  3. Follow up after the sale to make sure YOUR sale met my needs. In fact, if you treat me like you would treat your MOM, you will earn my loyalty and repeat business.” — Male Boomer, US

There is something to be said about being transparent. Being a little bold. Being blatant. The number of times we are duped into a website with the promises of the information that we need, only to find nothing like what we are looking for. The number of times we go to a brand’s website to find some answers, but then get lost in a maze of double speak and fuzzy language. There are times that I am happy to be sold to, but that is happening less and less. Most of us hunger for clarity and promise delivery - these are the companies that build loyalty.

And if you need any convincing of this, go to a golf store and check out the nonsense they print on the outside of a box of golf balls - really? Does anyone actually believe any of this anymore? Although, I am not sure how they would go if the slogan read: “Will only travel straight when heading for the lake”…

Marketing Tip

Having the data is one thing, building a relationship is a whole other world. I trust the white paper gives some valuable insights.

Keep those Campaign Briefs coming, we are experiencing some positive results from campaigns recently using techniques where smaller is better as long as you have the discipline and patience to get the job done…ask us how.

Abramo Ierardo