The List Report: Web Edition

Issue# 671:

97 ways to get more response to your Direct Mail

The challenge of getting a positive ROI on Direct Mail is always constant. Here you will find some tried and tested tips to making sure that you give your mail pack every chance of success.

Stimulate. Calm.

In the direct marketing world, these are two related, but contrasting messaging and copywriting concepts that every marketer and copywriter should master. Why? Because a sure-fire way to get attention from prospective customers is by stimulating emotion. But you don’t want to stimulate emotion and drop the ball there. You must then immediately calm the mind so your prospect’s fears are relieved, allowing them to become engaged with your message, so they will pause long enough for you to introduce them to your solution.

Some thought starters for your next message:

Over the years I have been exposed to all sorts of tips and tricks to try and get some one to respond to a direct marketing campaign. Quite frankly, there are so many things that you need to consider, I wonder if anyone can do them all. Then you have to factor in today’s digital world where the footprint left by social media, blogs, websites and forums allow just about anyone to research, praise, critise and even insult what you are offering, it is a miracle that anyone has any time to get anything done, let alone buy something.

There is a message with this and it is highlighted in this month’s DM Tip - “97 ways to get more response to your Direct Mail” - keeping the whole process simple, ensuring that you have a clear message, and make the offer easy to buy. All fairly straight forward? Is this what you are doing?

The brands that are getting this right have had stellar success, and it some cases have streaked past some of the biggest brands in the country (e.g. iiNet, Qickflix, Youi, Virgin and many more). Their secret, not really a secret, make it easy, make it simple, and get out of the way of the purchase.

Australian’s are not known as consumers that complain, they just don’t come back. I sense this is changing and that we are all voting with our wallets. If you want a new customer, then what are you doing to earn them…let alone, what are you doing to keep them.

Let me challenge you to ONE thing this Financial Year - don’t do what you did last year, do something completely different that scares you (just a little if you are a worrier). Accept that brave creative. Test that bold offer. Try a list of prospects that sit at the fringe of your core prospects. Profile your current customers and find others that look the same. There is some you can do with the data you have - just be bold and be determined.

Marketing Tip

This month, something out of the archive…was cleaning up my office and found: “97 ways to get more response to your Direct Mail”. Read through it and you know what, it all still works. Have a read and let me know what you think. Keep those Campaign Briefs coming.

Abramo Ierardo