What is the Set Up Fee for?

A base charge applicable to all lists is imposed to cover production and programming charges, data extraction, basic de-duplication, yields & counts, delivery charges and overheads.

Why is there a minimum charge?

These restrictions are imposed to ensure that your order is economically viable to generate.

Why can’t we do the emailing, mailing or telemarketing ourselves?

This restriction is an international industry wide standard. It is in place to protect the security of the list and only applies to list rental. It avoids the temptation to copy lists and therefore a breach of the list rental agreement.

What is a List Rental Agreement and why is it needed?

It is an agreement which needs to be authorised by your company or the contractor and then returned to AML. It outlines that you agree not to take a copy of the data supplied, that you will be sending what you indicated to us and that the data will not be manipulated in any way. It is a contract to ensure that the that we are both clear on the intended purpose of the List.

What is the difference between renting and purchasing?

Rental is one time use only. Purchasing means you can multi-use the List for any period of time you require. It can be used frequently. The cost of purchasing is obviously significantly higher than rental. However the more it is used the cost per use is reduced. On the other side of the coin, when a list is purchased it is your responsibility to update the list to ensure continuing viability.

How can you find out if we use the rented data in an unauthorised fashion?

All lists are seeded with “dummy records” which find their way back to us. If we receive the dummy names more than once from a rental then a copy has been taken and the agreement for once off rental broken. If this is the case, you will be charged for the breach of the List rental agreement. This additional cost could be up to ten times the original list rental cost.

What should I do with returned undeliverable mail

Part of your contract with us it to return all undeliverable records within 30 days of the list delivery date. This then allows us to calculate if any rebate is due, outside the deliverability guarantee. It also importantly allows the owner to update the database so as ongoing return mail from usage is minimised. This way everyone wins.

Why are DPID’s and bar-coding important?

Australia Post has a non personalised database of 8.8 million addresses in Australia. It is called the postal address file or PAF. Each PAF address has been assigned a random unique eight digit number called a “Delivery Point Identifier” - DPID. The DPID is converted to a barcode which is applied above the mailing address on the mailing piece. This allows the mail to be electronically processed and sorted down to the postman’s delivery route.

Who owns the lists?

AML does not own any lists. We work with companies across Australia, New Zealand and around the world that build and own marketing lists.

What is the difference between non-personalised & personalised?

Personalised lists contain a contact name at the residential or business address. A non-personalised list does not.

Why do I need to supply a copy of the mail piece or a phone script?

Most list owners will require a copy of your mail piece, email creative, telephone script or fax document in order to firstly approve (or deny) use of their list for your campaign and secondly in order that they can monitor when your campaign occurs. Your Account Manager will advise you as to whether this is required.

How does the list get sent to me

In most cases the list will be delivered as an MS EXCEL or COMMA DELIMTED TEXT file by email. Alternately you can elect to receive the file by post on CD-ROM or as Self Adhesive Labels. Please note additional charges may apply.

Can the list be sent to me directly?

Some list owners will only allow their data to be used for mailings when processed by an approved mailing house. The majority of B2B (Business) List Owners will allow users to receive data directly. Ask your Account Manager if the lists that you are interested in can be delivered to you directly or not.