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What you should know about Email Deliverability

Approximately 89% of all emails are spam, resulting in an estimated 260 billion spam emails sent every single day! In this blog we discuss email deliverability and how it can be affected, along with a few tips for ensuring the best email deliverabilty possible for your campaigns.

Successfully delivering emails to subscribers who have opted-in to receiving email marketing is a difficult task with the spam weighting systems that are in place in today’s world.

Subject lines have to be thought out more carefully than previously as emails including words like Free, Win, Cash, Contest etc. have become real problems for guaranteeing email deliverability. Emails with these types of words included are increasingly becoming caught in spam filters, but the issue is that a lot of genuine businesses depend on these words as they accurately describe the nature of the products and/ or service they are promoting.

Although content can be an issue as to whether email marketing gets delivered it is not the deciding factor. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will build your reputation or downgrade it based on your open and click-through rates. If you are continuously emailing people who you have failed in actually delivering to, then the health of your reputation with ISPs may be deteriorating.

Put in place strategies to rid your email list of these people by including an obvious opt-out button or removing or changing email addresses so that they are correct when attempting an email broadcast to ensure better potential for delivery, as well as a better reputation with ISP’s!

See below for some tips for ensuring you are achieving the best email deliverability possible: