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So, why isn’t there a list for that?

With the huge number of lists available, finding exactly the right list of prospects for your campaign can be a mission in itself, but at AML we are here to offer you the best way to find the prospects you need and in this weeks blog we give you some examples of how we can help you.

Ever chase a list of prospects you just couldn’t get? Why is that?

Well – although there are hundreds of databases and lists available in Listlandia, we do sometimes get requests that are slightly left-field:

And of course, there some requests that are straight down-the-line – but still hard to get (for a number of reasons), eg:

So the point is – if the prospect list your business needs actually exists, it can probably be found. If it doesn’t, your Plan B is to evaluate whether you want to outsource the creation of that list – a custom list build (sometimes it’s worth it). The first step in this process is to identify your target audience as precisely as you can, because as you know – the clearer the target, the more defined the path.

So, have you ever had a list request that couldn’t be completely satisfied? (In which case you might have had a Snickers bar - to get rid of that unsatisfied feeling I mean). Something really weird, where you thought there was just no way you were going to find it? Just drop us a line at to tell us what your strange list request was (or is).