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Love Letters To Strangers

This blog discusses the reality of data-driven marketing and how it can be used effectively to communicate with people through mail instead of through the use of digital representation.

Sending a letter to someone when they need it the most is the essence of data-driven marketing. sends me a new video to watch every day. Sometimes I get time to do this, other days I can’t. This morning was one of those moments when I clicked on a the link and saw this.

It is an engaging 5 minute video of a 22 year old that started a movement where love letters are written - long hand, and sent to strangers, just when they need them the most.

Now there is a concept! Let’s think about this for one minute. We send a letter to someone, when they needed it the most…hmmmm? Is that not what data-driven marketing is all about? What we are trying to do is to target people that have a desire for your product or service. And, make them happier because they have received your communication. The sheer delight when you get this right, is what we all aspire to. But there was another message in the video that resonated with me.

This is the simple concept of a letter. A well written letter creates the emotion that is almost impossible to replicate digitally. Can you hug a screen? No. But, you can bring a letter close to your heart.

Ambitious as this may seem (I am not sure that a letter offering you a new credit card will ever be held in this sort of esteem) there is a message that mail is a powerful, contemporary medium that does a whole lot more than a digital representation of your message. Be careful not to eliminate mail from your channel mix. Mail still works and in many cases, especially for acquisition campaigns, it out performs anything else. Even when we are speaking of the Gen Y’s. In fact, especially when we are talking to the younger demographic groups. They don’t receive a lot of mail, yet they yearn for it and respond well to it.

So, just before you get sucked into the vortex of Social Media as your next campaign strategy, test some mail and feel the emotion and response that it creates.