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Does it start or end with a good list?

This weeks blog explores how contacting the right audience doesn’t necessarily have to be done through the use of a pre-existing list, but can be done by custom building a list to achieve what is specifically needed for a client.

Knowing who to target and why, drives how to access the best list for the campaign.

I had a unique situation this week. An invitation to join a Not For Profit in their planning for a corporate partnership program. Their aim was to work through a process to identify the right corporates to become their partners. It would be easy to assume that they were looking for corporate donations, but this is not what they were seeking to do. Their wish, was to find a corporate that would partner with them and together they would have a mutually beneficial relationship. A noble cause you would agree, but is that truly possible?

Through the many parts of the process we were going through, I was wondering when we would get the chance to actually start choosing the RIGHT corporates that would be good prospects for this NFP. So, the group started to consider the concept of “Brand Alignment”. In other words, the situation where there appears to be some part of their collective vision that could be shared. In essence, no matter if we are speaking of a B2C campaign, or a B2B campaign, are we not, in some way, considering the same concept? Ultimately, we are trying to convince a prospect to share the brand vision and to then become part of this vision through their purchase behaviour. Certainly, this is a more highbrow way of considering a transaction, and perhaps this is more relevant in the B2B space rather than the B2C. Not sure that people buy their shampoo on the basis of a shared vision, but perhaps they do.

The work shop then turned to the drawing up of a list of prospects. We broke up into groups and started to consider some brands and organisations where there may be a fit. The list was impressive, and when all eyes turned to me, I knew that I had a challenge. Here is a list of organisations and how we needed to identify the key executives to target for this partnership offer. All very do’able, but what an incredible journey to get there. It would have been simple enough to draw up a target audience, source a list and then ask for some numbers and costs. This is different, name the companies or industries where you have a brand alignment, and then ask for the key executives that you need to speak to. Let’s also stop thinking about how many people we can contact and focus on contacting the people that will be the right audience. A classic case of quality rather than quantity, targeting rather than broadcasting.

The whole thing had a logical and intelligent link for me. In some cases we will have to custom build what is needed, but you know, that is OK. In fact it is better than OK - this is the true essence of data driven marketing. Let what you know drive what you say and how you say it. Gotta love that!